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Support Centre and ITIL
Support Centre implements the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) guidelines on best practice for Service Desk management. Our approach allows the true spirit of 'adopt and adapt' allowing all the benefits of ITIL with easy migration.

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What is ITIL ?

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a set of practices for IT service management (ITSM) that focuses on aligning IT services with the needs of business. In its current form ITIL is published in a series of five core publications, each of which covers an ITSM lifecycle stage.

ITIL describes processes, procedures, tasks and checklists that are not organisation-specific, used by an organisation for establishing integration with the organisation's strategy, delivering value and maintaining a minimum level of competency. It allows the organisation to establish a baseline from which it can plan, implement, and measure. It is used to demonstrate compliance and to measure improvement.

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