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Challenges Of Evaluating New Software.

We understand that implementing a new system can sometimes be a tricky process. One of the major challenges tends to be just finding the time to sit down and evaluate the software while at the same time providing support to your customers.

The Blank Canvas Syndrome.

The installation of a new software package is a simple process usually from a CD or a digital download. However once installed you are often left with the issue of how to setup and use the software - let’s face it nobody wants to sit trawling through a large user manual or help pages.

Our Solution – A Demonstration / Mini Training Session.

We believe an onsite demonstration is the most effective way to get up and running quickly. The demonstration is more of an overview with a mini training session included. Staff directly involved in the development of the software, rather than sales team, visit your site, discuss and work through your business model as the session progresses and tailor the session to your business needs. If at any point we feel the software is not capable of totally fulfilling your requirements we will point this out and bring the demonstration to a close - you will never be promised the software has a feature that is not present to try to clinch a sale.

Will This Cost Anything ?

The demonstration is totally free of charge. We have a company philosophy of wanting all our customers to be totally satisfied with the package to the extent where we would rather not sell you the system if we thought it would not match your needs.

Okay I Like What I Have Read, What Do I Do Next?

Simply fill out the form below and one of our team will be in touch. If you would like to just discuss the package choose “Chat about Support Centre”. If you are ready for an onsite demonstration choose the “Arrange a Demonstration”.

I Liked the Demonstration – What Happens Next?

If you decide to evaluate the software in more depth then we provide a link to download the software. You can choose to have the database populated with the information entered at the demonstration, or to start with a completely empty database. You have 8 weeks to evalulate the software. The software is the exact version you receive upon purchasing Support Centre so you know you're evaluating exactly what you will be purchasing. At any stage through the evaluation you can ring or email us for technical help, to chat or for ideas (and we encourage this). Again there is no cost for this service regardless of the number of times you ring or email us.
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