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About Us And Our Philosophy

Platinum Technology Ltd

Platinum Technology Ltd was founded in 1995 by people working in the support industry who found all the existing support software lacking in ability to deliver. The systems with functionality lacked performance and stability, the ones that performed well lacked functionality. We decided to develop service desk systems which would deliver functionality, performance and stability.

Sales Philosophy

We don’t believe in any high pressure or aggressive sales techniques. In fact we never call or email anyone who hasn’t asked us to do so first. If you email us asking a question that’s the only correspondence we will enter into, you’ll get no sales calls or emails afterwards. We are also proud to say that we would never sell our product to anyone unless we were 100% sure that it would suit their requirements, that’s why we believe in free trials of Support Centre with fully enabled software and live support from the team at Platinum Technology. Please feel free to contact us for more information.


Our development strategy is virtually all customer driven. If we feel an idea will benefit more than one customer then we always develop the idea free of charge. This strategy keeps Support Centre fresh and doing exactly what our customers need. Support Centre is a service desk solution for life. We only have one extra module (the web interface module is sold separately since not all of our customers require it), so everyone using Support Centre has access to all it's features regardless of whether they currently need to take advantage of them or not.

Solution For Life

If you take our annual support then you are also entitled to all upgrades minor and major. We don’t believe in selling a 'fixed solution' and then a few years later trying to re-sell our 'latest' version - our customers always have our latest version.

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